What are the age restrictions?

Can I come to Northern Lights with someone under 21?

YES! everyday we offer matinees which are always all ages, we also have dinner set movies that are dual service which means one auditorium is all ages while the second theater is showing a RESERVE 21+ movie.

What is RESERVE 21+?

RESERVE 21+ is our cinetopia experience where we offer reserved seating, in theater dining and alcohol. Minors (under 21+) are not permitted in that theater duing a RESERVE 21+ showing

Beer and wine service only available during RESERVE 21+ Showings and our special events

In our schedule, we generally use a ^ next to times that are 21 & Over only showings.

The reason for the age restrictions is current Idaho Law.
We have not chosen to operate this way, but have done so to adhere to the law.
We are very sorry if you show up with a minor and we can not allow you to come in.
Anyone under 21, including infants, can not attend 21 & over showings.
We take many efforts to be clear about our age restrictions.
Thanks for your understanding.

Please remember to bring your ID
We serve alcohol.
If we ask for your ID and you don’t have it,
You won’t be allowed to enter.
Thank you for helping us meet our ISLD requirements.