How It Works


So, you have decided to visit the Northern Lights.  Good choice.  We can’t wait to see you.  The following information will help you have the best experience that will make you want to come back again and again.  First of all, you have to find us.  Click on the Directions link above if you need to find us.

In Summary:
  * Purchase Admission, food, and beverage at counter.
  * Go into theatre when it is ready for seating.
  * Enjoy your movie.  
  * We’ll deliver your food to you when it’s ready.


To get in, you’ll need pay admission just like any theater.  In some ways, we are just like many other theaters.  In some ways we are not.  Bring your ID after 7:00pm.  We sell alcohol so we have to check ID like any place that sells beer and wine. 

Get your tickets at the food counter while placing your order or just pick up some popcorn, candy and/or pop if you wish (it is not required to purchase any food/beverage, you may always come for just the movie if you wish). Order any alcoholic beverages you may want for refreshment along-side your movie ticket and food choice. View our full menu online before you come. Our food is already getting raving reviews.  Having a good idea of what you want will help us make sure the lines move fast and you make the best choice.  Yes, we do make everything to order so if you don’t want onions (or your date doesn’t want you to have onions) on your nachos, just let us know.

When you finish your order, we’ll give you a table number (make sure you take it with you.)  Place this on your table so we can see it from the aisle. If you can read it, we probably can’t.

Table number on table


Please wait in the lobby until staff lets you know the theater is ready for seating.  We need to clean it up between showings.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your movie.  We’ll bring your meal as soon as it is ready.  If you have a craving for another beer or want to follow-up your meal with the best popcorn in town, just run back up to the counter, order, and get back to enjoying your movie.

That’s it.  The following is a list of items to help you feel like a “regular” at the Northern Lights.

We don’t take orders inside the theater.  If you would like anything additional, you’ll need to return to the counter to order more.  We’ll help you as quickly as possible to get you back to your movie (we’re new and training staff so help us make sure this program works by giving us feedback on how well we are doing.)

We do take orders for items to be delivered later during a movie, mostly desserts, and do our best to deliver it on schedule.  So, if you want your food as soon as possible but want your dessert later, we’ll schedule the dessert to be delivered later so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your movie.

Be patient.  Your movie may not have sold out but another one might have. We may have a cook call in sick.  Things happen that sometimes delay food delivery.  Please work with us and be patient.  Imagine if 170 of your friends showed up at one time for dinner at your house AND they all wanted something different to eat.  It is amazing we can get everyone fed at all, let alone timely.  So, it takes a little extra time to get everything delivered sometimes.  If you are starving and you show up to a busy show at the last minute (so everyone else has ordered before you,) we suggest getting a small popcorn to hold you over until your food arrives.

Our doors open at least 30 minutes before the first showing each day.

We can not pre-sell tickets at this point.  As we get busier, we’ll have system in place for puchasing tickets early so you won’t miss the show you really want to see. 

When we do offer early ticket purchases, remember that only reserves you a seat.  It doesn’t mean two seats together.  It doesn’t mean two seats in the middle of the auditorium.  So, you must still must come back early if you would like to have good seats. Please remember the age requirements!

On busy nights, we recommend you arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.  The auditoriums are usually ready for seating on average15 minutes before the show starts.  With a popular show on a Fri or Sat night, you should show up even earlier.

Please don’t enter the theater until we are finished cleaning.  We can clean a theater much faster and do a better job when it is empty.  If you are early and want to get in to get your seat, start lining up by the doors.  If people are already lined up, find your spot in line. 

If a movie appears to be busy, please move together when selecting a seat to make room for everyone.  If you are a couple, take two seats at one end of a table rather than the two seats in the middle of the table.   If you end up with a seat on both ends of your group, move one direction so there will be two seats together on the other end.   

We have two equal size theaters that hold 170 persons a piece.

Come on weeknights if you like it less busy.

Now you are a pro.  We hope you thoroughly enjoy your unique experience at the Northern Lights and become a regular.