Business Services

Gift Tickets Available

We offer bulk admission ticket sales for organizations to use as gifts, promotions or rewards.  Give them to clients as a “thank you” or give them to employees for recognition.  Use them to appreciate your customers with a little gift or promotion.  It is up to you but people love the Northern Lights.

Anytime tickets:

  • 100 – 499 tickets: $2.50 each
  • 500 – 999 tickets: $2.25 each{mosimage}
  • 1000 plus tickets: $2.00 each

Sunday through Thursday Tickets:

  • 100 – 499 tickets: $2.00 each
  • 500 – 999 tickets: $1.75 each
  • 1000 plus tickets: $1.50 each

Add $10 cash cards to give with your gift tickets.  10% discount on purchases of $200 or more in gift cards and 15% discount on purchases of $500 or more in gift cards.

Email your order or request to

Training & Meetings:

Have your next training session at the Northern Lights.  Get your staff away from the office where they can stay focused on your training or meeting.  We have all you need for an effective meeting.  Digital projectors for your power point presentation or other computerized projection needs.  DVD player for any video training presentation you want.  Microphones in case you want assistance yelling…no, communicating… with your audience if needed.  Not to mention we have incredibly reasonable pricing on food service items so you can keep right on working without having to leave the premises for lunch.  Our schedule is open most days and we’d love to host your group.  See the Rentals page for some pricing information.  To get a quote, please send us an email or give us a call or go to our Meetings & Events page.

(Don’t forget, you can follow your meeting with a special treat and let everyone see a movie.)

Private Showings:

Reward your staff or clients with a VIP showing of a movie or bring in your own presentation.  You can even start with a short meeting/event before the movie if you want.  See the Rentals page for pricing but you won’t find this available cheaper anywhere in town.

Promotional Opportunities:

Make our customers, your customers.  Digital projectors show a presentation before or between all our movies.  This enables us to customize the between movie experience for our patrons.  Our goal is to provide a “commercial” free entertaining program before and between movies.  However, we do allow a limited number of promotional advertising.  You can be part of the presentation.  Businesses using the promotional spaces get a 7 – 10 second slide during the presentation that repeats every 2.5 – 3 minutes.  Our average time between movies is 14 minutes.  That means that each business has a viewing 3 – 4 times between each show in every theatre.  In addition, with our new web site, businesses get a link from EVERY page on our web site to their web site.  Finally, each advertiser may, upon approval and appropriateness, provide us brochures to place in our brochure rack in the lobby.  All of the above may be arranged for $300 a month with a 3 month commitment.  Email for more information.